Parent Teachers Meet

As a core policy of modern group of institutes a parent teacher meeting is held on the last day of each semester to discuss the academic, intellectual and work progress of the student. Recommendations are given to parents for improvement of student personality & overall development. Each student data is maintained in a separate file by its governing teacher. The weak areas are targeted so as to establish a uniform physical, mental and moral development of each student. Specialized training is given to students to boost their memory status and sharpness. Parents are also given home teaching and training material so that the governance of the student is uniformly done. Parent teacher meeting is an opportunity to explain students’ progress, grades, weakness, positive points and suggest improvement measures for below standard mark level of a student. It is a three way communication involving teacher-student-parents. Parent teacher meeting opens out a student character. This gives an opening for teachers to implement measures for overall development of the student. Parent teacher meeting gives long way in developing a student performance at all levels.